Shock absorption is needed today in a wide variety of applications, from large forest machines to the bowling alley ball return system. Work ergonomics and comfort have become increasingly important in many companies. Vibration limits regulated by law also make shock absorption a key issue for many companies to consider.

We at Lebigem have manufactured shock absorbers in addition to racing cars for several applications in the industrial sector. We can offer our partners individually designed products, to meet exactly the needs and requirements of the customer. Finnish high-quality production, flexible deliveries and provided after-sales service and spare parts are adding value to our customers.


In a few years, we have manufactured dozens of shock absorbers for the suspension of forest machine cabs for the Finnish forest machine company Logset. The Smooth Ride cab suspension system launched by Logset uses adjustable coil springs and shock absorbers to make the system simple and reliable, with low operating costs. We manufacture shock absorbers according to the model created as a result of product development. The springs are painted to suit the company’s brand.

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