Shock absorbers for Rally

Bigem’s shock absorbers are designed to last! We know from our own experience that rally driver has to be able to have a full trust in his car’s suspension. That means it doesn’t give any unwanted surprises at any circumstance.

Our rally shock absorbers have a structure that is suitable for rally use, sturdy and durable. Their sizing and damping adjustments are also specially designed for rally driving. The shock absorbers are equipped with excellent adjustment possibilities, which guarantees the best possible grip in the prevailing conditions.

Bigem shock absorbers are manufactured for all car models and all rally classes. You can choose between 1-way or 3-way adjustable shock absorbers, which are similar in basic design but differ in their adjustment options and the availability of additional features. Non adjustable shock absorbers also available for some models. Shock absorbers can be manufactured according to the customer’s preferences and wishes, taking into account class regulations. Our professional staff will be happy to help you in any questions.

There is help nearby, when you need it. We service and repair shock absorbers at our main premises in Hollola, and at few service points abroad. as well as in few service points abroad.

By choosing Bigem shock absorbers, you’ll receive Finnish high-quality products that are made especially for you.

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