Shock absorbers

All dampers are monotube design pressurized with nitrogen and equipped with or without reservoir. you can order the dampers with 1-, 2-, 3-way adjustable, some models 4-way adjustable. The materials are carefully selected to achieve reliable high-performance product. Most of the parts are machined in-house with our own CNC machinery.

Dampers are sized for performance. 36mm, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm piston size options are available. Corresponding damper cartridges sizes are 5mm bigger in diameter. The McPherson Strut design is a reverse design in order to achieve maximum strength and performance. We can also equip the dampers with Hydraulic Bump Stop System (HBS) and Rebound Relief Valve (RRV).

We have a selection of suspension sets for most common car brands. We can produce dampers on demand according to customers own measurements for every car brand. Shock absorbers are always made to order.

A part of our range of shock absorbers is presented below. You can leave a request for a quote for a specific product by sending us the form found on the product page. You can contact our customer service using contact form, by email info(a) or calling +358 44 2000 123.

1-way Shock absorbers

3-way shock absorbers

4-way Shock absorbers