Shock absorbers for Circuit Racing

For Circuit we can offer a broad spectrum of different damping characteristics. Depending on the car and tyres ext. different characteristics are picked. With oem. Suspension geometry you quite often have to use damping (and springs) to stop excess (vehicle) body roll. We can provide this without unwanted curb- or bump stiffness.

Bigem’s Shock absorbers for Circuit racing are specially designed taking into account the characteristics of the genre. The dampers dimensions and stiffness are designed suitable for Circuit. For Circuit racing we manufacture shock absorbers one, two or three-way adjustable. The best adjustment options and features are provided by three-way shock absorbers.1-way shock absorbers are equipped with single adjuster for damping, which has an effect on both compression and rebound. In two-way shock absorbers, the damping of compression and rebound is adjusted separately.

Bigem shock absorbers are manufactured for all car models and all rally classes, taking into account class regulations.


There is help nearby when you need it. We service and repair shock absorbers at our main presmises in Hollola, as well as in few service points abroad.

By choosing Bigem shock absorbers, you’ll receive Finnish high-quality products that are made especially for you.

Front damper BMW E36.