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We at Bigem aim to continuously develop and improve our products in terms of quality, functionality and features. As a result of product development, a new 4-way adjustable shock absorber has been added to our range. 4th adjuster makes it possible to adjust the rigidity of the hydraulic bump stop and thus further optimize the driving characteristics.

Features of 4-way adjustable shock absorbers:

  • fourth adjusting screw for adjusting the hydraulic bump stop (HBS), adjustable with an allen key
  • other adjustments as in 3-way adjustable shock absorbers: high and low speed adjusters for compression and damping and single adjuster for rebound
  • can be implemented in McPherson strut suspensions
  • such as Subaru Impreza, Volvo 940, Mitsubishi EVO7-10
  • ask for suitability!
  • familiar Bigem quality and service at your disposal

Enquiries: tel. +358 44 2000 123 / +358 44 555 5596 or email:

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