Lebigem Ltd, a Finnish suspension and shock absorber specialist, will turn 10 years at the end of October. The company was established in Lahti, Finland and is nowadays located in Hollola. The entrepreuner Marko Rämänen founded the company out of his own intrest in motorsports. Rämänen himself actively raced e.g. in the Finnish Rally Championship and in England in 1988-2001.

Lebigem initially operated in Lahti in the premises connected to Rämänen’s own house. As operations expanded, the company moved to Vinssikatu in southern Lahti. In 2014 Lebigem moved to the Hollola industrial area to its current premises.


The first shock absorbers under the brand name Bigem were manufactured in 2005. For the first years, Rämänen made shock absorbers as a side job, and his main job was as a lecturer at a vocational school in Heinola. In 2010, he decided to focus entirely on suspension business, and founded Lebigem Oy.

Today, Lebigem employs six people in machining, assembly and sales. The company’s main markets are in Finnish rally, track, rallycross and drifting car suspensions. Bigem shock absorbers are also sold for export abroad, especially to Sweden, the rest of Europe and even to South America. In recent years, operations have also been expanded to other industrial fields.

Due to the prevailing corona situation, the company is celebrating its tenth anniversary with restraint, in the spirit of work.


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