Did you recently get a good picture of the races, test drive, or anywhere else, Bigem’s shock absorbers in the car? Take part in our photo contest and send your photo at the latest 15 December by email info@bigem.fi.

23.11.-15.12.2020. After that the photos will be uploaded to Bigem’s Facebook-site and the audience can vote for their favourite photo. Winner is chosen by 22.12.2020.

The winner will receive a gift card of 300 € to be used in Bigem products (new dampers, service, webshop). We will also choose other two pictures that will be rewarded with smaller prizes, as well as the picture with the most likes on Facebook. The gift card will be valid one year.

Send your photo by email to: info@bigem.fi. File format could be jpg, png, tiff. With the most accurate resolution and the largest file size. The photo doesn’t need to be specifically processed in advance. Please attach your name and contact information in the email. Tell us as precisely as possible where and when the picture was taken, who is driving in the picture and with which car. You can participate with more than one photo, the amount of the photo is not limited. Please notice then the size limit of the email.

Contest rules :
The prerequisite for participation is that you own the copyright to the image, and we will have in the future the right to use the photo in our marketing (eg websites, facebook, printed brochures). Identifiable persons appearing in the photo must have permission to use the photo. We will upload the photos participating in the competition to Facebook, where visitors can also vote for their favorite. We wish that the photos would be quite recent, taken within about 3 years.

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